Various Herbal Recipes for Your Health

Various Herbal Recipes for Your Health

Sometimes we often experience pain in our body. This occurs due to exposure to the virus or fatigue due to daily activities. Usually we immediately take medicine and even go to the hospital to consult about the pain we suffer.
But it would be nice to try some natural recipes from various plants to cure the disease. Some herbal recipes to cure diseases.

1. Sore throat to swallow pain
How: Lime water or lemon give salt and hot water if it is warm in drinking continuously until it can be healthy again.

2. Back Pain
How: Multiply boiled onions and bay leaves drink while still warm 3x a day

3. Dengue Fever
How: Sweet potato leaves in boiled drink 3x a day e.g. 1 bunch reach half a kg boiled with 8 cups of water make 4 cups of water

4. Acne
How to: Lime juice and beaten egg whites until frothy take the foam put in a face cleaning cotton and then stick it to the face that acne let stand until dry and then rinse using a small towel that has been soaked with warm water and then rinse with cold water. avoid eating eggs, shrimp and chicken do not use face soap after washing thoroughly using olive oil or rose water soaked by yourself.

5. Narrowed Nerves
How: Teraphy massage and drink a lot of red ginger stew mixed coconut sugar can also be with palm sugar. Do not drink cold water or ice so that blood vessels are not blocked.

6. Itchy Drugs including Water Allergy etc
a. Way 1 : For the itch remedy boiled betel leaves for bathing avoid eat meat chicken eggs shrimp sea fish siamese pumpkin papaya,drink a lot of black gathering 1x want to sleep in drinking only 3 tablespoons of warm water

b. Way 2: It can also be with 71 leaves of life,
30 gr sambiloto , 500 cc clean washing water  all ingredients and boil with 500 cc of water make 1 cup Drink while it is still warm and to balur can be with lemon juice and pure coconut oil,
Alerghy parts do not soap when bathing

7. Content Refiner
How: Eat more green bean sprouts and fresh meat and fruits avoid eating jackfruit and mangosteen pineapple, durian,, drink sour turmeric

8.Cough Phlegm
How: Boil carambola with flowers
with minimal sugar cubes 3x a day drinking is still warm (avoid drinking cold and drinking ice) may also be lemon water give salt with hot water give a little squeeze of ginger water, lime juice and a squeeze of mint leaves give hot water and salt a little.

9. Breast Cancer
How: Red betel leaves in juice 7 sheets strain with clean cloth drink with warm water 3x a day after meals wait 20 minutes the dregs make a dressing in the lump of the cancer.

10. Sinusitis
How: Prepare 3 peeled limes peeled and split into 4, then 5 stems of bruised lemongrass and 7 old betel leaves, 20 clove seeds, 8 cardamom seeds and 2 bruised ginger finger segments
boil with 6 cups of water make 3 cups drinking while slightly hot 3x a day should be routine every day for 1 week Herbal Concepts for Health

Hopefully useful and add to our insight into the benefits and properties of various things around us. Please share it with relatives, relatives, friends and anyone else if this information is useful

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