How to Launch Breast Milk When Pumped

How to launch breast milk when pumped.


Launching breast milk during pumping will make the mother able to meet the baby's food needs. What can be done so that breast milk can continue smoothly consists of:

1. Routinely breastfeed the baby

Routine breastfeeding also makes breast milk production continue to increase. When the baby drinks, there will be hormones that stimulate the production of fluid from the mammary glands. As a result, the more often the baby drinks, the more breast milk will continue to be produced so that pumping will be easier to do. You can also have a stock of breast milk given to the baby while at work.

In one day the baby will ask to drink 8-12 times. If you can meet this breast milk will be accustomed to being produced. When pumped and given a little stimulation, breast milk will come out faster.


2. Pumping breast milk after breastfeeding

After breastfeeding, sometimes the breasts are still aroused to remove breast milk. Unfortunately, the baby is full and sleeping. If you want to have a lot of milk stock, immediately do pumping right then and there.

If after breastfeeding breast milk is no longer out you do not need to force yourself. Do it only when the breasts feel full. That way the breasts will not hurt.

- Using the correct breast milk pump.

The tools used to pump breast milk are of many types. Choose the one that suits the size of the breast. If it is too small, it can hurt and the pumping process cannot run smoothly.

Next see how to use the tool so that it can run smoothly. Take care also so that the tool is not easily damaged and cleanliness is maintained


3. Using lactation supplements

Women who are breastfeeding can consume anything as long as it is not too spicy and causes disorders in the baby. In addition, if you want the lactation process to run smoothly, women must eat certain foods. These foods will make the volume of breast milk abundant.

This type of food or lactation supplement is many. However, the most commonly used are oats, flaxseeds, and other types of grains that can be made into food or snacks. Consume every day, especially when going to breastfeed.


4. Go on a healthy diet

There are two components of a healthy diet that women should do while breastfeeding. First, consume water in large quantities, can be above 8 glasses. If the water content is low, the body will find it difficult to remove fluids including breast milk. Therefore, consume 1.5-2 liters of water every day.

In addition to consuming large amounts of water, daily calories must also be added. Normally there is an additional 500 calories from the normal requirement. This excess calorie is what will be given to the baby. If calories are not added, breast milk will be difficult to form and the baby lacks nutrients.


5. Avoid stress

Stress is one of the main enemies of women who are breastfeeding. Stress will reduce the amount of milk. As a result, even though it has been pumped many times breast milk will be very difficult to appear. Even the possibility of breast milk not coming out will be great.

This stress arises because some women compare themselves to others. Though everyone's physical condition is different and cannot be equated. It is better to respond to it casually. If it is not smooth, you can eat foods that help lactation.


6. Do it with a relapse

Do it with relaxation and do not feel depressed. Some women feel uncomfortable when pumping, the impact of the amount of breast milk that comes out becomes small. Therefore, try to do it casually for example while listening to music or watching TV while the baby is sleeping.

If the body can relax, the glands that produce milk will excrete water quickly. Moreover, you are on a healthy diet and eat a lot of foods that help lactation every day.

Hopefully useful and add to our insight into the benefits and properties of various things around us. Please share it with relatives, relatives, friends and anyone else if this information is useful

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