3 Types of Fruit Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Fruits and vegetables are needed in meeting the needs of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that each have different amounts of nutrients. For pregnant women, the need for the amount of nutrition becomes increased considering the process in the body not only for the continuity of health but also for fetal growth and development during pregnancy.

During pregnancy the need for nutrient intake should be your concern because it will affect the growth of the fetus in every period of pregnancy related to the completeness of the baby's important organs. Basically, fruits have vitamins that are good for the health of the body. At the time of pregnancy physical and psychological changes that occur result in some body functions become changed, this is a reason for you to choose fruits that are not only filling but have more value for the health of your fetus.


Here are the fruits that are recommended to increase their consumption during your pregnancy :


1. Date Fruit


Date fruit is very familiar to Muslims when entering the month of Ramadan. They often use dates as a mandatory menu in breaking and sahur. It turns out that date fruit that contains high fiber, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, calcium and magenesium is very good to consume for pregnant women. Date fruit is a fruit that has a high level of sugar, 60-65% compared to other fruits. Another benefit that you can get from date fruit is the iron content that can help increase hemoglobin considering pregnant women are very susceptible to anemia. Overcoming cramps during pregnancy obtained from potassium content. Having a high amount of B complex vitamins needed during pregnancy, dates have benefits for pregnancy health in strengthening the uterine wall and also for those of you who enter pregnancy the final trimester of date fruit is very good in providing energy intake to prepare for labor.


2. Avocados

Fruit originating from Mexico not only provides protection for skin beauty alone, research that found the nutritional relationship of avocados with the health of pregnant women. In avocados there are folic acid, potassium and B complex vitamins needed in fetal development during pregnancy. Avocados have a high amount of folic acid which has a role in helping the development of the brain and spine of the fetus. In early pregnancy folic acid is needed in high amounts, for that you prepare by consuming avocados in a balanced portion every day. In addition, the content of B complex vitamins in avocados is used in overcoming nausea and vomiting during the first period of pregnancy.


3. Mangosteen Fruit

The content contained in mangosteen fruit is able to provide nutritional intake during pregnancy. Mangosteen fruit contains vitamin C plays a role in the body's resistance during pregnancy and maintains the elasticity of your skin during pregnancy due to the growth of the fetus that is increasingly important. Other ingredients contained in mangosteen fruit are folic acid and manganese. Folic acid to help in lowering the risk of premature babies or fetal abnormalities such as defects in the baby's organs. While manganese protects you and your fetus from some environmental and food threats such as free radicals, another function of manganese is in helping the formation of fetal cartilage and skeleton.


Hopefully useful and add to our insight into the benefits and properties of various things around us. Please share it with relatives, relatives, friends and anyone else if this information is useful

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