6 Benefits of Traditional Herbal Medicine for Health, No. 3 makes you stunned

6 Benefits of Traditional Herbal Medicine for Health, No. 3 makes you stunned

Local wisdom of consuming herbal medicine is believed to be hereditary to treat various health and beauty problems of Father / Mother.
Indonesia as the largest spice producing country in the world. So it can be concluded as one of the countries with the largest living pharmacy in the world. Imagine if one type of plant alone can have many benefits that are good for the body, then various types of spices and plants that live in Indonesia almost all have good benefits for our health.

Therefore, consuming herbal medicine is very attached to the local cultural traditions of the Indonesian nation and as an effort to maintain health. Even from every region or tribe in Indonesia has a traditional herbal herb. So you can imagine how many traditional herbal herbs. Although it is more appropriate to be mentioned as prevention, but consuming herbal medicine regularly is also believed to be beneficial for the health of the body and overcome various symptoms of the disease that is felt.

Some doctors and medical personnel suggest even campaigning to consume traditional herbal medicine because of its health benefits.
Some of the following are the benefits of herbal medicine for the body, and most have been medically and laboratorily tested:

1. Appetite enhancer.

Have you ever heard or experienced for yourself, the gift of kurkuma or temulawak to children who have difficulty eating? Yes, temulawak is believed to have one of the properties able to increase appetite. In addition, this plant is also believed to overcome the problems of the gallbladder, liver, intestinal gas, begah, and indigestion. Drinking herbs with temulawak mixture will be able to help you overcome problems around digestion. In addition, brotowali and turmeric are also believed to have the ability to increase immunity and increase appetite.

2. Helps maintain immunity.

Concoction of temulawak, turmeric, and ginger is one of the herbal recipes that can be consumed regularly. All three ingredients have good antioxidant benefits that can ward off free radicals that destroy the body's cells, while increasing the body's resistance. Temulawak is a plant that is believed to provide protective benefits to the liver, while ginger serves to facilitate blood circulation and warm the body. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic that can also protect digestion.

3. Health and beauty.

Herbal medicine making ingredients often consist of plants that have a high vitamin C content so it is good to brighten the skin and make it firmer. If you are a fan of bitter herbs, then it is no stranger to its properties that can prevent acne and body odor.

Consuming herbs regularly is believed to have good benefits for your body. But avoid consuming it excessively, because the content of substances contained in untested clinical herbs can be consumed continuously in large quantities by the body.

4. Pain relief.

Herbal ingredients such as turmeric have natural substances curcumin that have natural anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, sour turmeric herb is also relied on by many women when experiencing monthly menstrual pain. But furthermore, turmeric has been clinically proven to be effective for curing osteoarthritis, gingivitis, and other irritants.

5. Hypertension drugs.

Meniran, turmeric, celery, temulawak, and cat's whisker leaves are some of the herbal mixtures that are believed to overcome hypertension. Clinical trials of herbal medicine conducted in 2012 produced a positive response to the ability of this herbal plant in treating hypertensive patients, as it did in those taking standard drugs.

6. Gout medication

A mixture of mop leaves, secang, tempuyung, ginger, turmeric, and meniran proven scientifically able to treat hyperuricemia or gout. Its content includes flavonoid antioxidants, tannins, and curcumin.

Hopefully useful and add to our insight into the benefits and properties of various plants around us. Please share relatives, relatives, friends and anyone else if this information is useful

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