7 Tips for Abundant Breast Milk


7  Tips for Abundant Breast Milk

1. Frequent breastfeeding

The first way for abundant breast milk after childbirth is to breastfeed frequently. Indeed, minimal milk production sometimes makes nursing mothers tired physically and mentally.
But keep in mind, one way to breastfeed after giving birth is to breastfeed more often. When your child breastfeeds, breast muscle contractions will stimulate breast milk production hormones.
The more frequent breastfeeding, the more breast milk the breast produces. To maintain breast milk productivity, nursing mothers are advised to breastfeed their children eight to 12 times a day.

2. Pumping breast milk after breastfeeding

After breastfeeding, sometimes the breasts are still aroused to remove breast milk. Unfortunately, the baby is full and sleeping. If you want to have a lot of milk stock, immediately do pumping right then and there.

If after breastfeeding breast milk is no longer out you do not need to force yourself. Do it only when the breasts feel full. That way the breasts will not hurt.

Using the correct breast milk pump.

The tools used to pump breast milk are of many types. Choose the one that suits the size of the breast. If it is too small, it can hurt and the pumping process cannot run smoothly.

Next see how to use the tool so that it can run smoothly. Take care also so that the tool is not easily damaged and cleanliness is maintained

For best results, schedule pumping breast milk at the same time every day. To be more comfortable, warm the breasts with a warm towel first so that the process of pumping breast milk becomes easier.

3. Use both breasts

The third way for breast milk to be abundant after giving birth is to always routinely use both breasts to breastfeed. Stimulation of both breasts can also help increase breast milk production.
For that, try to breastfeed the baby from both breasts. In addition to direct breastfeeding, nursing mothers are also advised to pump breast milk from the right and left breasts alternately.

4. Consumption of breast milk launch foods

The fourth way that breast milk is abundant after giving birth is the consumption of breast milk launch foods. Some manufacturers sell breast milk launch foods that contain galactagogue or substances that stimulate milk production. Usually, these natural ingredients contain whole grains, cereals, yeast, flaxseeds, to katuk leaves. Katuk leaves are relatively easy to obtain. This leaf contains steroids and polyphenols that can help multiply levels of the hormone prolactin. This hormone serves to increase the production of breast milk.

5. Eat and drink highly nutritious

The fifth way for breast milk to be abundant after giving birth is to always eat and drink highly nutritious. While still breastfeeding, mothers need to make sure their calorie and fluid needs are fulfilled. Lack of eating and drinking can also reduce breast milk production. Nursing mothers need at least 13 glasses of water a day. Try to drink a glass of water every time you breastfeed or pump breast milk. In addition to drinking plenty of fluids, add 450 to 500 calories daily to meet the intake so that breast milk production is maintained. Just like when pregnant, choosing foods and drinks high in vitamins and nutrients is also important for nursing mothers.

6. Control stress and get enough sleep

 The sixth way for abundant breast milk after childbirth is to control stress and get enough sleep. Launching What to Expect, stress and lack of sleep can also reduce breast milk production. Although the minimal supply of breast milk makes nursing mothers stressed, try to control pressure. Nursing mothers need to steal free time to do me time and rest a lot. Use the free time to just take a bath with your favorite Body care products, read a book, yoga, listen to music, enjoy snacks, relax, or just rest.

7. Build confidence

The seventh way for breast milk to be abundant after giving birth is to be confident. Many mothers breastfeed carried away or minder once they see more of other people's milk production. Keep in mind, two women whose breast size is exactly the same, the production of breast milk can be different. This is because the mammary glands are different. In addition, breast milk production is also influenced by many factors ranging from intake, stress, and so on. So, nursing mothers do not need to worry. Just focus on breastfeeding and keep trying to milk milk for the best intake for the baby. Such are the various ways that breast milk is abundant after giving birth. Try to get enough milk supply until the age of 2 years

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