7 Benefits Of Dates For Pregnant Women, Good For Launching Mother's Delivery


Benefits Of Dates For Pregnant Women

Know that dates are rich in nutrients, such as protein, fiber, carbohydrates, calories, sugar, to sodium. In addition, dates also contain many antioxidants that are able to reduce inflammation, maintain heart health, and also anti-inflammatory. That is why dates are so good for pregnant women to consume.

Benefits of dates for pregnant women


1. Dates contain iron to prevent anemia so this fruit is good for pregnant women.


2. Dates contain the hormone oxytocin which is useful for facilitating labor and breast milk.


3. Glucose and Fructosa content and carbohydrates in date fruit will increase strength in the labor process.


4. Contains potassium which is good for maintaining contraction of the heart muscle.


5. Contains fiber fiber which is very good for smoothing the disposal process.


6. Dates contain Potassium Nutrients that are good for the growth of teeth and bones in the fetus.


7. The nutritional value of dates is very complex, the content of gloucosa and fluctose that will provide energy to the body. In addition to date sugar contains water, protein, fiber and contains very little saturated fatty acids, selin it dates also contain vitamins that are biased in the say complex, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and various minerals and organic acids so it is very saying if you eliminate the date menu in your diet.


One of my recommendations, for those who do not really like dates with a sweet taste that radalulu, can try tunisian dates honey.

There is a sensation of kreshh kreshhnya when eaten, and the sweetness is really not painful, not sick.

Hopefully useful and add to our insight into the benefits and properties of various things around us. Please share it with relatives, relatives, friends and anyone else if this information is useful

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