5 Benefits of Having Sex


5 Benefits of having sex

In marriage having sex is one of the natural things done by married couples. Even for newlyweds it is an activity that is always awaited. In addition to fun and happy, having sex becomes one of the exercises that are quite draining of the body's calories. So you can be sure that having sex is very healthy for the body. Some studies have concluded that having sex for husband and wife has many benefits.

Some of the benefits of having sex are in the medical worldview.

1. Helps Maintain the Immune System

Sexually active people need fewer sick days. People who have intercourse have a higher level of immunity. Especially in people who have sex once or twice a week, it will have a higher level of certain antibodies compared to people who have sex less often.


2. Reduce Stress

Having sex physically can lower blood pressure and reduce the stress response in the brain. Other forms of physical intimacy, such as hugging or holding hands, can trigger the release of oxytocin. This hormone will then trigger a happiness center in the brain that lowers feelings of anxiety and stress.


3. Burning Calories

Not only exercise that can burn body calories. Intercourse can also burn calories and fat. If a person has sex for 20 minutes, at least the body will burn 96 calories. You could say intimate relationships are a fun form of exercise.

Besides being able to burn five calories candy, intercourse can also make various muscles of the body more active. In addition, the human heart rate during orgasm is equivalent to light exercise, such as walking.


4. Increase Libido

Having sex will make intercourse better and will increase libido. For women, having sex can improve Miss V lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity. Everything makes the intimate relationship feel better and helps you need it more.


5. Look Younger

Intimate relationships can also make you more youthful. The reason is, intimate relationships can reduce stress, increase pleasure, and make sleep better. These three things can make you look younger and healthier.

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